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Z-Man Micro Finesse StingerZ

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An exclusive Z-Man bait shape, the 2-inch StingerZ features a unique segmented, straight tail shad profile. A thick, shad/baby panfish body sculpt features a convenient hook slot for easy rigging. Segmented tail undulates and quivers continuously, activated by a bulbous stinger. The buoyancy and durability of the ElaZtech material also makes the bait ideal for the dock shooting technique. Pairs seamlessly with Micro Finesse ShroomZ jigheads and fishes ideally while cast and retrieved horizontally or below a bobber/float rig, tail hovering and waving seductively. Tough ElaZtech also resists tail bite-offs from nuisance fish. Ten colors include popular crappie and panfish patterns.


- Unique straight-tail shad style profile ideal for a variety of micro finesse applications

- Thick body tapers to a thin, jointed tail with a bulbous end for undulating action

- 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction for extreme durability, resists tail bite offs from nuisance fish

- Buoyant material exhibits lifelike horizontal posture when fished vertically and allows tail to float up off the bottom at rest

- Pairs seamlessly with Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads

- Incredibly effective for a wide array of species, including crappie, panfish, bass, perch, trout, and more

- Ideal for the 'dock shooting' technique thanks to elasticity of material


Coconut Ice

Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-258PK8-2" 17 $5.99

Dark N Stormy

Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-353PK8 23 $5.99

Purple Death

Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-360PK8-2" 0 $5.99 Out of Stock


Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-379PK8 15 $5.99


Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-380PK8-2" 24 $5.99

Electric Chicken

Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-60PK-2" 19 $5.99

Glow Chartreuse

Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-63PK8-2" 21 $5.99

Space Guppy

Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-69PK8-2" 22 $5.99


Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-84PK8 21 $5.99

Blue Glimmer Sparkle

Sku Stock Price Quantity
MST-27BPK 18 $5.99