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Lake Of The Woods Sportsheadquarters

Founder, Bryan Gustafson, began his journey at a young age working in the tackle section of his dad's general store in Fort Frances. He quickly developed a strong passion for the fishing industry that began to fuel the later creation of Lake Of The Woods Sports Headquarters. 

Our first location opened in Kenora on Lakeview Drive (702) in 2015. The Kenora location quickly became the ultimate destination for fishing gear in the region and has since grown to become a pivotal resource to many of the local residents, out-of-town weekend warriors and fishing-oriented travellers or tourists. Offering the widest selection of rods, reels, tackle and hunting gear, it was the first (and still remains) the only outdoors store of its kind within Kenora and the surrounding areas. 

In 2019, the second location was opened in Winnipeg. The Winnipeg store is located on Keenleyside Avenue off of Nairn and has been becoming one of the most popular destinations of its kind. With the grand opening of the Winnipeg store and the warehouse space it provided, the online store you're currently reading this on was launched and quickly grew to a national level, providing outdoor gear of all sorts across Canada, The United States and more.