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Z-Man Micro Fineese ShroomZ

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Sculpted in the classic Z-Man mushroom configuration, miniature crappie / panfish / multispecies jigheads are a perfect match for the Z-Man Micro Finesse ElaZtech BaitZ. Custom fine-wire needlepoint hooks yield easy hooksets. A welded wire keeper allows for easy bait-rigging, pinning Micro Finesse baits securely in place.


- Designed to pair perfectly with ElaZtech® Micro Finesse BaitZ™

- Traditional mushroom-shaped head preferred by finesse anglers

- Welded wire keeper is easy to rig and grips ElaZtech® soft plastics securely

- Available in 1/30, 1/20, 1/15, and 1/10 oz weights to suit a variety of situations

- Custom needlepoint size 6 (1/30 and 1/20 oz) and size 4 (1/15 and 1/10 oz) black nickel hooks



Size (Ounce) Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/15 MFH115-04PK5 0 $6.99 Out of Stock


Size (Ounce) Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/15 MFH115-03PK5 0 $6.99 Out of Stock


Size (Ounce) Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/15 MFH115-02PK5 6 $6.99