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Z-Man Long ShotZ

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Super-soft, impossibly durable ElaZtech construction allows the 6-inch Long ShotZ to perform unlike any other dropshot bait available. A tapered nose is marked with a special hook exit spot for easy-nose hooking, but won’t tear like other finesse baits. Remarkably enticing movements and action is made possible by the Long ShotZ’s thin body, flat belly, wedge-shaped cross section and tiny spade tail. A 15-percent salt impregnation neutralizes some of the bait’s natural buoyancy for a more fluid, enticing action. 8 per Pack.

  • Slender worm profile designed specifically for drop shot applications
  • Tapered nose marked with hook exit spot for easy nose-hooking
  • Super-soft ElaZtech® construction, flat belly, wedge-shaped cross section, thin body, and small spade tail provide enticing motion
  • Buoyant material impregnated with super-fine salt provides perfect posture underwater
  • Resists tearing when nose-hooked and outlasts other drop shot baits by a wide margin


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