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Z-Man Goat Toadz

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Buoyant enough to float a standard 5/0 EWG hook, the 4-inch GOAT ToadZ features a wide, bulky body and streamlined profile which combine to greatly enhance castability. The customized cupped kicker tail design from the original GOAT™ bait series maximizes mobility and flow at slow, medium or fast retrieve speeds. Sculpted with a keel-shaped 'hull,' the bait's "V" belly yields stability and a quick-planning action on the retrieve. Topside, four dorsal ridges ride the ToadZ' back, guiding rigging with a single or double frog hook. Ridges also help protect exposed hook points, preventing fouling in grass or other cover while still easily penetrating bass jaws.
  • Designed with input from Z-Man fans and customers
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction for maximum buoyancy and extreme durability
  • Cupped kicker feet provide gurgling, bubbling action at all retrieve speeds
  • Bulky body and streamlined profile for excellent castability
  • Dorsal ridges protect hook points from fouling while still allowing for easy hooksets



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Green Pumpkin

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