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XPS Hook Holder

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All of us here at Bass Pro Shops® appreciate the time and effort our customers put forth to review the products they have purchased. Not only do these product reviews help other customers with their purchases, but the reviews help us too. We're constantly monitoring the product reviews to ensure that our valued customers are completely satisfied with the purchased product's performance. A series of negative product reviews prompts our pro team to re-think and re-design a product to ensure our customers are purchasing the highest-quality product on the market. And in the case of the XPS® Hook Holders, we've done just that.

The improved XPS Hook Holders are made with a stronger, more durable, heat-resistant 100-percent silicone material. Designed to fit most freshwater and saltwater rods, these hook holders simply stretch over the guides or butt section of your rod. Not only do these hook holders offer a quick and convenient way to store a dangling hook or lure, they also work to protect your rod's guides by reducing abrasion caused by a hook.

Tip: When installing on a spinning rod, work the Hook Holder onto the butt of the rod and roll the Hook Holder up the handle to the desired position. When installing on a casting or trigger rod, work the Hook Holder over the tip of the rod being careful not to damage your guides as you make your way down to the handle.

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