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VMC Fastgrip Widegap Hook

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The VMC Fastgrip® Wide Gap Worm Hook is forged from extremely tough, lightweight Vanadium® Steel, the same material used for hard wearing Formula-1 engine parts. It offers up to 25% increased strength over the material used in regular hooks. Perfect for rigging your favorite soft plastics, the hook's Fastgrip Point is also the first hook point of its kind - with three micro barbs that yield 15% better penetration power over ordinary hook points. The upper barb placed closest to the point guarantees a swift hook-set and the two lower micro barbs prevent the fish from slipping off - even when the line is slack.

  • 1X Strong
  • Z-lock
  • Forged
  • Vanadium® Steel
  • Three Microbarb Point
Black Nickel
Hook Size Pro Pack
1/0 15
2/0 14
3/0 13
4/0 11
5/0 9


    VMC Fastgrip Widegap Hook

    Size Quantity Sku Stock Price Quantity
    4/0 11 7311BN#4/0PP 7 $6.49
    5/0 9 7311BN#5/0PP 0 $6.49 Out of Stock
    3/0 13 7311BN#3/0PP 0 $6.49 Out of Stock