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TRAC Trolling Motor Rigging Kit

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Everything you need to wire your boat for high-current (60 amp) 12v/24v and now up to 36v power!  Use this high current power connection for all boats to power 12v/24v/36v trolling motors, winches or any other 12v/24v/36v devices, up to 60 amps.

 Kit Includes

  • TRAC 12/24v/36v high-current Quick-Connect system:
    • 2 Quick-Connect plugs (one for boat and one for trolling motor or other device)
    • 1-½” Round Hole Adaptor (to install boat plug in flat panel – option 1)
    • U-bracket (to install boat plug on flat surface – option 2)
  • 30’ Heavy 8-gauge AWG Tin-Plated Marine-Grade Positive (red) Battery Wire
  • 30’ Heavy 8-gauge AWG Tin-Plated Marine-Grade Negative (black) Battery Wire
  • 2-14” 8-gauge Cross-over Wires for 24v and 36v systems
  • All Heat-shrink Terminations included or installed
  • 28’ of Corrugated Wire Loom
  • High-current 60 amp Manual Resetting Circuit Breaker
  • 4 Isolator Bolts to install Trolling Motor or other device

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