Mustad TitanX Weedless Wacky / Neko / Dropshot Split FC Weed Guard

Brand: Mustad

Kevin Vandam calls it "the best holding hook for dropshot and wacky rigging." His wire-to-wire Elite win with the Mustad UltraPoint TitanX® Weedless Wacky, Neko, Dropshot Hook affirmed his statement. This finesse hook for bass features a wide-gap Sproat Bend for hook-and-hold integrity and a shank design that's long enough to accept added weight. Its stealthy split fluorocarbon weedguard is epoxied in place and gives with very little pressure, enabling quick, solid hooksets. Non-reflective, corrosion-resistant TitanX finish is super-slick for immediate jaw penetration; super-sharp UltraPoint® hook point.

4 per pack