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Strike King KVD 2.5 Wake Bait

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The Strike King HC KVD 2.5 Wake Bait is a 2 1/2 inch, 1/2 ounce shallow running waking crankbait. Designed based off of the wildly-popular KVD 2.5 Squarebill Crankbait size and body shape, it will make more than surface ripples once the bass see this thing. Its built-in internal rattle chamber makes a unique clacking sound and compared to most waking crankbaits on the market, it can be waked on top at higher speeds without rolling over. The proven shape of the body produces an incredible top water side-to-side action that emits out a much larger wake than one would expect for a lure of this size.


Pro Gold

Sku Stock Price Quantity
HCKVD2.5W-295 3 $9.99


Sku Stock Price Quantity
HCKVD2.5W-467 5 $9.99

Chartreuse Blue/Black Splatter

Sku Stock Price Quantity
HCKVD2.5W-476 0 $9.99 Out of Stock

The Shizzle

Sku Stock Price Quantity
HCKVD2.5W-477 0 $9.99 Out of Stock

Chartreuse Sexy Shad

Sku Stock Price Quantity
HCKVD2.5W-538 0 $9.99 Out of Stock


Sku Stock Price Quantity
HCKVD2.5W-622 0 $9.99 Out of Stock