Storm Arashi Vibe

Brand: Storm

The ARASHI VIBE is possibly the only vibe lure in existence with the ability to easily clamber over many underwater obstacles. It does this with the use of our patented Arashi self-tuning line tie which allows freedom of movement in the tow point, adjusting the lure’s pulling direction through a hinged system. In addition to this, the unique line tie of the Arashi Vibe self-adjusts to allow the lure to find the ideal swimming action for your chosen retrieve speed; or to optimize the angle of decent after your cast.

The lure sinks straight without spiralling, in a much more natural presentation with a slight shimmy action as it falls seductively to your desired depth.

Rotated hook hangers allow for rigging with larger VMC black nickel hooks to increase hook ups and help with tackling larger prey.