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Spro Tungsten Drop Shot Sinker Short

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The TG Drop Shot Sinker weights are compact and feature a swivel tie, which means that anglers won’t lose as many as other drop shot weights. They come in two styles manufactured from compact tungsten. The first is a squat “grenade” style weight made for fishing rock or open water that allows the fisherman to feel the bottom better. The second is a longer version that excels in weeds and timber and doesn’t get hung up as much as other sinkers. The available sizes range from ⅛ oz. to ½ oz.

Product Features: 

  • Swivel line tie instead of pinch eye to reduce line breaks
  • Short weight helps to pull through rocks easier, keeps the weight from rolling and keeps in touch with the bottom easier
  • Made of high quality Tungsten for better feel on the bottom


3/16- 3 Pack

1/4- 3 Pack

3/8- 2 Pack

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