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Spro Madeye Diver 85

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The Madeye Diver

The MadEye Diver features the proven “banana” profile
that delivers a tight wobbling action with unpredictable
side-to-side movement that causes walleyes to strike
with abandon. Designed for trolling at speeds between
1.5 to 2.5 miles per hour, the MadEye Diver wobbles its
way down to depths of 17 feet, complete with a rattling
sound that drives walleyes mad. The MadEye Diver excels
when water temps reach 55 degrees and above, making
it Ruckman’s go-to bait in the summer. “It ’s the perfect
walleye trolling bait to use on any size body of water.”

• Rattling sound
• Two-line ties for varied depths
• Two Size #2 Gamakatsu round bend treble hooks
• Achieves depths of 17 feet with 100 feet
of 10lb. test mono
• Weight: 5/16 ounces
• Size: 85mm


Black Back Gold

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SMED85BBG 2 $11.99

Black Dot

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SMED85BDT 5 $11.99

Chrome Blue

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SMED85CBL 4 $11.99

Clear Flash Hologram

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SMED85CFH 0 $11.99 Out of Stock

Ghost Purple Perch

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SMED85GHP 4 $11.99

Golden Perch

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SMED85GPC 5 $11.99

Icy Barbie

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SMED85ICB 0 $11.99 Out of Stock

Lemon Lime

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SMED85LML 3 $11.99