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Spro E Pop 80

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E POP 80

E POP 80 serves as the popper bait providing anglersa perfect bait for that aggressive topwater bite. The E POP 80 has an extremely loud popping action with a loud knocking sound — calling in fish from a distance. The bait is designed to cast easily and can
be walked back to the boat, creating life-like action that bass can’t resist. Paired with Gamakatsu’s #4 treble hook on the front and a #4 Gamakatsu feather treble hook on the back, you are sure to hook up when an aggressive bass blows up your bait.

• Great Walking Popping Action
• Very Loud Knocking Rattle
• Colors: Black Silver, Bone, Black Skeleton,
Clear Gill, Chartreuse Silver, Chrome,
Homemade Shad, Nasty Shad, PumpkinSeed
• Made with Gamakatsu Hooks


Black Silver

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SEPP80BKS 0 $11.99 Out of Stock


Sku Stock Price Quantity
SEPP80BON 0 $11.99 Out of Stock

Black Skeleton

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SEPP80BSK 3 $11.99


Sku Stock Price Quantity
SEPP80CRM 6 $11.99

Homemade Shad

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SEPP80HMS 4 $11.99

Nasty Shad

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SEPP80NSD 1 $11.99