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Simrad ForwardScan Transducer

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ForwardScan® Sonar

This forward-looking sonar provides a clear two-dimensional image of the bottom in front of your vessel, allowing you to navigate shallow or poorly-charted waters with a greater degree of safety.

ForwardScan offers:

  • A maximum forward view of 8X your current depth
    e.g. at 3m (10ft) depth, see up to 24m (80ft) ahead
  • A nominal forward view of 4-5X your current depth
    e.g. At 3m (10ft) depth, see 12-15m (40-50ft) ahead

ForwardScan output can be viewed as a solid 2D rendering of the bottom ahead of your vessel in sonar view, or integrated with the heading line on your display’s navigation page as colour-coded segments representing deep, medium and shallow water. This provides constant awareness of the depth ahead, and allows easy comparison of measured and charted depths.

The specialised ForwardScan transducer operates at 180 kHz to reduce interference with traditional 200kHz echosounders. It connects to the StructureScan port on Simrad NSS evo2 displays, and on SonarHub™ sounder modules. In order to use both StructureScan and ForwardScan sonar simultaneously, two sonar modules are required; on NSS evo2 systems with built-on sonar, this means just one external sonar module, plus the built-in StructureScan port.

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Simrad ForwardScan Transducer

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