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Shimano Swagy Strong TW Spinnerbait

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Shimano’s Swagy Strong spinnerbait incorporates an innovative tapered-wire design for added toughness without sacrificing performance, ideal for hooking fish at the end of a long cast or in deeper water. The lower arm’s thicker (1mm) wire improves hookup ratios and adds durability for increased angler confidence when hooking into the fish of a lifetime. Swag Strong’s upper arm tapers to a thinner (0.9mm) wire that enables the lure’s specially-designed blades to transmit more vibration through the water. A distinct blade configuration in the TW blade with the specific goal of ultimate vibration and toughness with a single willow leaf combined with one Colorado blade. The shape of the blade’s front cup creates a faster rise and enables the lure to quickly run true while intensifying vibration whether an angler wants to slow-roll through cover or burn the bait for aggressive strikes.


Black Gold

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/2oz. SWAGSTW12BG 10 $19.99
3/8oz. SWAGSTW38BG 9 $19.99

Chartreuse White

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
3/8oz. SWAGSTW38CW 10 $19.99