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Shimano Swagy Strong DW Spinnerbait

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The Shimano Swagy Strong DW spinnerbait is built around an innovative tapered wire design that adds durability without sacrificing performance. The lower arm has a thicker (1mm) wire that improves hookup ratios while adding even more strength. The upper arm tapers to a thinner (0.9mm) wire that allows the specially designed blades to emit more vibration. The DW bait incorporates double willow leaf blades. The shape on the blade's front cup enables a faster rise and allows the lure to run true while intensifying vibrations. This is a fantastic lure for long casts, slow rolling through cover, or burning the bait. If you want an innovative, high performance spinnerbait, that triggers aggressive strikes, make sure you have some Shimano Swagy Strong DW Spinnerbaits on hand at all times!



Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/2oz. SWAGSDW12W 12 $19.99
3/8oz. SWAGSDW38W 12 $19.99

Black Gold

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
3/8oz. SWAGSDW38BG 9 $19.99