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Shimano Nexave Combo

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Shimano designed the Nexave Combo with quality and performance to benefit anglers of all ages during their next fishing adventure. The Nexave Combo features the newly-redesigned Nexave spinning reel featuring Shimano's Propulsion Line Management System, a specially-designed angled spool lip, to provide anglers with longer and more accurate casts by allowing the line to leave the spool in smaller coils with less friction. Nexave spinning reels also feature Shimano's G-Free Body technology to benefit anglers with less fatigue and enhanced casting comfort by shifting the center of gravity closer to the angler's hand. The Nexave Combo includes a durable two-piece rod blank featuring Titanium Oxide guides and an EVA split-grip for added comfort and performance. Anglers pursuing their first fish or their next trophy will find the needed performance in the Nexave Combo.


Shimano Nexave Combo

Style Sku Stock Price Quantity
6'6" Medium Light 2PC NEXS66ML2 12 $119.99
7’ Medium Light 2PC PNEX2500HGFINEXS70ML2 2 $117.99
6'6 Medium 2PC PNEX2500HGFINEX66M2 17 $117.99
7’ medium 2PC PNEX2500HGFINNEXS70M2 18 $117.99
7'0 Medium Heavy 2PC 7 $129.99