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Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost

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Shimano designed the ARMAJOINT 190SF to solve the challenges of casting a big jointed swimbait in search of trophy fish. Lure engineers leverage Shimano's proprietary ARMA BOOST technology to significantly increase casting distance and accuracy by reducing unnecessary air resistance and the chances of the lure spinning during flight. As the angler casts the lure, ARMA BOOST technology facilitates the lure to disconnect from an internal magnet and forces the body to fold into its compact shape. Once the lure hits the water, the lure's body reengages with the magnet to create a smooth and natural swimming action. The ARMAJOINT 190SF is a versatile lure that can be retrieved fast or slow, enabling anglers to vary their retrieve depending on the situation. The ARMAJOINT will normally swim in an S-pattern, but the bait will not flare out when stopped due to the fold in its body. Anglers can slow down the receive and pause the ARMAJOINT 190SF to capitalize on the lure's natural slow-rising action. ARMAJOINT also features Shimano's proprietary FLASH BOOST technology that constantly emits a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve — even on the pause — by suspending reflective foil on micro springs to mimic the flashing behavior of an injured baitfish. Designed with purpose by leveraging innovation and technology, the ARMAJOINT 190SF improves angler performance while drawing strikes from tournament-winning bass.


ST Trout

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N Hasu

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S Gizzard

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ST BW Shad

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