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Reins Tungsten NR Jighead (Guard)

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Bringing meticulous Japanese quality to tackle boxes here in States, the Reins Tungsten Ned Rig Jig Head Guard is designed to deliver a layer of weed resistance to the incredibly successful Ned Rig technique. Building off their original Ned Rig Jig Head, this edition features the same stealthy matte black finish and wire keeper system but now boasts a single-wire weedguard to help shed vegetation as you crawl and hop your finesse plastic along the bottom. Its flat base aids in keeping your bait in a vertical presentation that even finicky fish simply can’t resist.

Featuring a tungsten construction, the Reins Tungsten Ned Rig Jig Head Guard is much smaller and denser compared to lead jigheads of the same weight, which provides a more compact profile and increased sensitivity to better feel subtle bites and complex bottom structure. Armed with a sticky sharp hook for instant penetration, the Reins Tungsten Ned Rig Jig Head Guard is a sure way to find a limit even in tough conditions.


Reins Tungsten NR Jighead (Guard)

Weight Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/16 21 $12.99
1/8 12 $12.99
3/32 21 $12.99
3/16 16 $12.99