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Reins Mister Ned Worm

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Perfect for tough conditions, the Reins Mister Ned Worm delivers a compact profile and subtle action that will trigger bites in almost any condition. Made from a highly buoyant soft plastic, the Reins Mister Ned Worm features a classic swamp style body shape that creates the most subtle vibration and quivering tail action when standing erect on the bottom, which is absolutely irresistible to bass. 

Deadly during all months of the year, the Reins Mister Ned Worm matches up perfectly with any mushroom style Ned head, but it is also very effective on drop shots, small Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, and shaky heads. Offered in a range of carefully selected colors, the Reins Mister Ned Worm is one that you need to have tied on all year long. 


Green Pumpkin

Sku Stock Price Quantity
3 $12.99

Blue Gill

Sku Stock Price Quantity
6 $12.99

Baitfish SP

Sku Stock Price Quantity
10 $12.99

Kito Kito Shad

Sku Stock Price Quantity
9 $12.99

Mimizu (Natural Worm)

Sku Stock Price Quantity
8 $12.99