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Rebel Teeny Pop-R

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The Teeny Pop-R is a legendary topwater bait that’s won hundreds of thousands of dollars for anglers in bass tournaments because the bait produces two distinctly different sounds and actions depending on if the angler is holding the rod tip high or toward the water. This small size catches bass, panfish and other gamefish with some of the most exciting topwater bites you’ll ever experience.


Rebel Teeny Pop-R

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
Foxy Shad P5075 4 $8.99
Fire Tiger P5056 0 $8.99 Out of Stock
Tennessee Shad P5048 19 $8.99
Foxy Momma P5077 19 $8.99
Ol'Bass P5017 2 $8.99
Silver/Black P5001 15 $8.99
Bone P5000 0 $8.99 Out of Stock