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Lucky Craft RC Crankbait

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Four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn designed Lucky Craft's RC Series crankbaits to be fished any time bass are shallow.

"The seasonal applications of the RC crankbait vary depending on the kind of fishery you are dealing with," Clunn says. "For instance, you can use the RC almost anytime of the year on water bodies like river systems where fish live shallow most of the time. However, on deep clear impoundments, where fish go deep during the winters and summers, the bait has less of a seasonal range."

No matter what kind of fishery he is on, Clunn has found these plugs to be most effective during two periods: late spring and fall. Also, he lets the season have some bearing on the size RC he will throw.

"The RC 2.5 and RC 3.5 are good for imitating pesky bream," Clunn explains. "My favorite time to fish these bigger lures is the late spring, from the post-spawn through early summer. That's when the bigger female bass have spawned out, but they're still up shallow eating bream that are picking eggs off bass beds."

Clunn's second favorite time of year to fish these baits is in the late summer to fall time when bass are following shad into the backs of creeks.

"During the late spring and early summer the RC 2.5 and RC 3.5 are my preferred sizes," Clunn says. "In the fall, when shad are the main bass forage, I'll start with the RC 2.5, but if bass want a smaller profile, I'll drop down to the RC 1.5."

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