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Rapala Sunglasses

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VisionGear® - The Quest for Optical Perfection

With an unwavering commitment to functionality and a true sense of design, Rapala VisionGear’s apparent value is seen clearly.

As always, function is first. With input from pro anglers and optical designers alike, Rapala VisionGear is designed to deliver true optical performance without distortion at the
edges. Polarized lenses, 100% UV protection that provides up to 99% polarization, with the perfect amount of light transmittance to provide a view into the underwater world
regular sunglasses can’t provide.

Non-slip inserts on tail of bows keep Rapala VisionGear from slipping off, even during netting or release of fish.

The classic to modern designs reinforce our commitment to style and functional design. Whether the preference is plastic or metal frames, there is a model to fill that need.

The Rapala mission has always been to make fishing a little easier and a lot more fun. Rapala VisionGear is committed to making every trip an overwhelming success.


Rapala Sunglasses

Title Sku Stock Price Quantity
Rapala Action Polarized - Black/Amber RSGABA 11 $29.99
Rapala Action Polarized - Gray/Gray RSGAGG 12 $29.99
Rapala Creel Polarized - Black/Gray RSGCBG 0 $29.99 Out of Stock
Rapala Creel Polarized - Tort/Amber RSGCTA 0 $29.99 Out of Stock
Rapala Fisheye Polarized - Black/Amber RSGFBA 0 $29.99 Out of Stock
Rapala Fisheye Polarized - Brown/Gray RSGFBG 11 $29.99
Rapala Hookster Polarized - Black/Gray RSGHBG 0 $29.99 Out of Stock
Rapala Hookster Polarized - Tort/Amber RSGHTA 0 $29.99 Out of Stock
Rapala Pursuit Polarized - Tourtise/Amber RSGPTA 10 $29.99
Rapala Pursuit Polarized - White/Gray RSGPWG 7 $29.99