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PEET D'Odoriz'r Sanitizing and Deodorizing Module

$112.99 $97.99
Brand: Peet Dryer
DEODORIZE: The D'Odoriz'r Module completely eliminates odour from and sanitizes your footwear and gear, keeping you and your feet happy, healthy, and odour-free.

THREE IN ONE: Insert the D'Odoriz'r into footwear to eliminate odour, attach to your PEET Dryer to dry and deodorize, or place in a small room or area to destroy odours.

PAIR WITH PEET: Fits easily on PEET's Original, Multi, Advantage, Wader, and Powersport Dryers.

ALL FOOTWEAR, ALL MATERIALS: Safely and effectively dries leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, microfiber, and more.