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P-Line Halo 100% Fluorocarbon Line

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The union of unmatched proprietary extrusion technology, coupled with the finest raw materials available, has produced P-Line HALO Fluorocarbon; the first Co-Fluoride introduced into the United States.
In a tireless effort of research and development, P-Line has engineered the next generation of fluorocarbon fishing line by introducing HALO Co-Fluoride. Different fluorocarbon crystals have different characteristics. With HALO, P-Line has blended different types of pure fluorocarbon crystals, giving anglers the best combination of strength, sensitivity, and castability in the best all-purpose fluorocarbon line available.
Because Halo is 100% pure fluorocarbon it has a low refractive index making it invisible underwater. The specific gravity is much higher than traditional fishing lines, giving the line a much faster sink rate. Halo comes in a new translucent low visibility Mist Green colour, optimum for lakes, rivers, and inshore saltwater applications.


Mist Green

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