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Northland Rock-Runner Slip Bottom Bouncer

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Lethal for pulling live bait and spinner rigs for walleyes along bottom over rocks, logs, stumps, moss and weed cover. Sliding design prevents fish from feeling the weight of the sinker and produces a subtler bait motion than fixed-arm bottom bouncers. Simply slip onto line or use Quick-Change® on/off weight snap to add or change weights without retying.



Weight (Ounces) Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/2 RSB6-108 7 $5.99
3/4 RSB7-108 0 $6.99 Out of Stock
1oz RSB8-108 0 $7.99 Out of Stock
1-1/2 RSB9-108 0 $8.99 Out of Stock
3/8 RSB5-108 8 $5.99
1/4 RSB4-108 0 $5.99 Out of Stock


Weight (Ounces) Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/2 RSB6 12 $5.99
3/8 RSB5 7 $5.99