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Northland Mini Predator Rig - Unweighted

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The NEW Mini Predator Rigs. are available in 36lb Surflon Stainless Steel Wire & 15lb mono in the following combinations: 1/8 oz. Weighted Mono, 1/8 oz. Weighted Wire, Unweighted Mono and Unweighted Wire.  Available in Glo White and Glo Red, there’s 3 hook sizes (#12, #10, #8 ) for a total of 18 different fish-catching options.

*Before fishing with this rig, check crimp or reinforce with pliers  

Each pack contains one (1) Weighted Mini Predator Rig or two (2) Unweighted Mini Predator Rigs per card.

  • A miniature sized quick strike rig designed to catch anything from panfish to toothy predators
  • Features two "Sticky Sharp" treble hooks that increase fish hook-ups
  • Use under a float or tip up with small to medium sized minnows


Northland Mini Predator Rig - Unweighted

Material Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
Mono #12 PRMC12 0 $6.99 Out of Stock
Wire #10 PRMR10 7 $6.99
Mono #8 PRMC8 0 $6.99 Out of Stock
Mono #10 PRMC10 13 $6.99
Wire #12 PRMR12 7 $6.99
Wire #8 PRMR8 0 $6.99 Out of Stock
Wire 1/0 PRYH1/0-FT 0 $10.99 Out of Stock