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Molix Waterslash Spinnerbait

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The compact size of the Water Slash is the perfect combination between design and functionality, and allows each angler to succeed in the toughest fishing condition where a finesse spinnerbait presentation is required to catch more fish. Its form is slightly compressed on the head and proven to give the better balance at any speed and retrieve. The blade weight is specifically set to not overload the spinnerbait and begin moving immediately after each cast. The Water Slash is made with a special steel wire that increase vibration on the arm following the requirements used for the most famous “finesse” spinnerbaits. The high resistance makes it perfect to use especially in heavy cover. The skirt is made with hand tied “fine cut” silicone and features a real life like action typical of schooling baitfish. The special colors for the USA market have been selected by U.S. pros like Mike Iaconelli. Available as DW (Double Willow), WT (Willow Tandem) e DI (Double Indiana).

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