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Megabass XPod Topwater

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By putting on-the-water tuning in the hands of the angler, the XPOD offers you a way to adjust its performance according to your preferences and specific conditions. A patented Command Bill has 7 distinct settings. Each setting alters the pressure and volume in the Water Intake, which changes the lure's displacement, weight ratio, and body balance. By altering your rod action and the lure's lip setting, XPOD can be adjusted for use in various situations.


The XPOD can "transform" into 4 modes for topwater: 1) a roll-walking pencil bait, 2) a dog-walking popper, 3) a sliding pencil popper, and 4) a splash head. For the sub-surface, it has 2 modes: 1) a diving pencil, and 2) a diving popper. And finally, it has a trick-darting dive mode using random trajectories and a rolling action, which can be used for slow retrieves as a diving swimbait.

  • A "transformational" plug
  • Adjustable to preference and conditions
  • Patented Command Bill has 7 settings
  • Water Intake feature

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