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Lure Lock Retro Pad for Medium Boxes

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Sick of tangled hooks? Tired of lures going everywhere anytime you knock over your tackle box? Annoyed that everything seems rearranged anytime you pull your box out after a bumpy boat ride? Put an end to these common annoyances with the Lure Lock Retro Gel Kit. Lure Lock Retro Gel is a proprietary gel membrane that holds tackle, baits, hooks, and weights in place to protect them from damage by keeping them from tangling with other items and knocking around in your tackle box. With its easy peel-and-stick application process, you can add this ingenious gel to any tackle box and say goodbye to lure-damaging disorganized and messy tackle storage. It's completely scent- and residue-free too, so no need to worry about it messing with your lures and other tackle. Available in Small, Medium and Large, the Lure Lock Retro Gel Kit is a one-of-a-kind tackle box accessory you never knew you needed.

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