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Lucky Craft Spazz 95


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With the Lucky Craft Spazz 95SP presents Lucky Craft A shallow runner is set up in our bait box has established a firm place secured. Especially when it comes to a low depth, plays the Spazz its full strength. A twitc Hbait in the testing can be harmonious, stellte. Our test anglers could have with the Spazz bass from this, Holzen tickling Pike through - benches in sight catch and zander has left itself to in shallow water with the ausgefeilten running seduction. It mimics a fish Slim prey and can be thanks to the fine rod punches gefühlvoll twitching. With a strong shock break it Vehement For Side Made from. The ASP the Spazz in our opinion none when you with high tempo hauling it. Equipped with high quality hooks.