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Strike King KVD Sexy Frog

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The KVD Sexy Frog is the finest, feature packed frog style bait EVER from Strike King®. It features a fully sealed nose to minimize water entry. It has a big strong double hook and easily collapsable hollow body for better hookups. Although designed for heavy cover applications, it's also great in open water. It’s the perfect bait for great topwater frog action!



Sku Stock Price Quantity
SFKVD-10 1 $12.99

Green Pumpkin-Orange Throat

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SFKVD-46 0 $12.99 Out of Stock

Green Pumpkin-Pearl Belly

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SFKVD-47 0 $12.99 Out of Stock

Pearl White

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SFKVD-84 0 $12.99 Out of Stock

Tiger Black

Sku Stock Price Quantity
SFKVD-152 0 $12.99 Out of Stock