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Jackall Gargle Buzzbait

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An innovative new approach to the exciting world of buzzbaits, the Jackall Gargle Buzzbait will take your topwater game to a whole new level. Featuring a unique new blade design, it is built to create an enticing sound and blow-up inducing surface commotion. In addition to the outstanding attraction properties, the blade is constructed around a free-swinging arm for an increase in casting distance and accuracy, while also providing a better hook up ratio.

Building off the exceptional new blade configuration with premium wire and components is a durable and realistic molded head that keeps the Gargle running smooth and balanced. Complete with a razor-sharp hook for reliable penetration and undulating skirts to seal the deal, the Jackall Gargle Buzzbait is sure to deliver heart-stopping topwater explosions.


Midnight Black

Sku Stock Price Quantity
JGARG38-MBLK 10 $19.99

Killer White

Sku Stock Price Quantity
JGARG38-KW 6 $19.99

Hasu Silver

Sku Stock Price Quantity
JGARG38-HS 5 $19.99

Black Back Chartreuse

Sku Stock Price Quantity
JGARG38-BLBC 1 $19.99

Chartreuse Tail Gill

Sku Stock Price Quantity
JGARG38-CHTG 2 $19.99

Chartreuse Back Pearl

Sku Stock Price Quantity
JGARG38-CHBP 0 $19.99 Out of Stock