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Jackall B Crawl Swimmer Swimjig

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Built to target bass near brush piles and shallow cover in a method called “Bush Crawl” the Jackall B Crawl Swimmer Swimjig conquers complex cover with ease. The head is uniquely engineered with a specialized ratio of tungsten to enhance the jig’s weight while keeping the overall profile the same to provide a more consistent action. Additionally, the flat-sided shape with 3D eyes emphasizes a tantalizing rolling action while simultaneously enabling it to efficiently skip under docks, laydowns, and more.

Equally matching the impressive head design, the Jackall B Crawl Swimmer Swimjig also employs premium components to enhance performance in the water. Extending from the top of the head is a pair of wires that help shed snaggy vegetation while the precisely positioned line tie pulls through submerged jungles with ease. A premium skirt flows and pulsates around the stout jig hook for a complete bass hunting package. The perfect weapon for chasing trophy bass in and around cover, the Jackall B Crawl Swimmer Swimjig delivers superior performance and reliable hook-up ratios.


Sand Craw

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
3/8 JBCRAS38-SACRA 0 $14.99 Out of Stock

Black/Blue Stripe

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
3/8 JBCRAS38-BLBST 6 $14.99