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GeigerTec Pro Mount

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Our Pro Mount is designed to work with 9" -10" graphs. Available with 3.5", 4.5", and 6" arms. We allow you to customize the graphs location to fit your boat perfectly.

Our Pro Mounts are our most popular mounts with both our bass boat and deep v customers. Allowing graphs to be positioned perfectly and remain in place no matter how rough the water. 

Our Pro Mount features 5 axis of movement and comes with a stainless steel gimbal mounting kit, helicoiled base, and anodized components.

All of our Arm Mounts feature a positive locking tooth system. Our proprietary CNC machined teeth are the secret to high strength and micro adjustability. 


GeigerTec Pro Mount

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
3.5” Arm 0 $295.00 Out of Stock
4.5” Arm 5 $295.00
6” Arm 3 $295.00