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Gary Yamamoto Heart Tail

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Big on action, the Gary Yamamoto Heart-Tail is perfect when you need to cause a lot of commotion. Its heart-shaped tail swims with big, side-to-side motion to displace lots of water, and the wide, ribbed body makes it easy to buzz the bait along the surface. Complete with an extra-large hook cavity, the Gary Yamamoto Heart-Tail Bait works with a variety of rigging options, so you can be prepared for any day on the water.

5 per pack


Brown Blu/Gill/Clear

Sku Stock Price Quantity
128-05-34N/000-1 3 $12.99

Green Pumpkin/Black Flake

Sku Stock Price Quantity
128-05-297 0 $12.99 Out of Stock

Black w/Lg blue flk

Sku Stock Price Quantity
0 $12.99 Out of Stock

Olive shad

Sku Stock Price Quantity
128-05-948 0 $12.99 Out of Stock