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Evergreen JT-95

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Its compact and slim body design belies its devastating power. The JT-95 was the creation inspired by Evergreen staff member Justin Kerr, who wanted a bait that could coax bass that have strong vision under clear water into biting– especially without being bounced off by the lighting fast bite of a smallmouth bass. Add to that, excellent castability and bass luring power. Perfectly sized for a largemouth or smallmouth bass bite, the JT-95 comes in a natural, non-rattle finish, by shortening the bait’s stride, it easily accomplishes high-speed walk the dog actions. Its fast and stimulating movements that mimic distressed bait fish trigger bites without hesitation. To address the common problem of compact pencil baits, which is attracting bites but also being splashed away because of its light weight, the JT-95 was designed with relatively more weight than is typical for that body size. Furthermore, three hooks were added to the small body. When sitting still, the three hooks help the main maintain a perfect 45-degree balance in the water. Created with less roll in mind, the JT-95’s hooks don’t swing upward from the sides when in motion, The design of the bait keeps the hooks from inadvertently leaping out of the water for a better chance at hook-ups. On top of that, the bait casts in a smooth straight line. Thanks to its long-distance castability and improved accuracy despite its small size, there is less pressure on the bait. Its great overall balance helps create water-grabbing action that lends itself to natural splashes, bubbles, and sounds. The size of the lure is small, but it has tremendous appeal the bass. At first glance, it looks like a regular pencil bait, but its appearance belies its amazing talents. In field tests, the bait has been shown to attract American Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, and consistently drew in tough-to-attract Japanese bass. The pencil bait has a masterful ability to break the water’s surface, and 95% of the bass that bite get caught, Justin says proudly. Its overwhelming hooking percentage makes the bait perfect for Smallmouth bass and schooling fish.

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