13 Fishing Dual Pitch

Brand: 13 Fishing

Built with two one-knocker mechanisms which synchronizes to generate differing pitches. The large head chamber amplifies a higher pitch with stainless steel sounding while a larger tungsten rattle in the smaller rear chamber makes a deeper pitch. The tungsten weight transfer system enables longer casts. Walk it fast or slow producing 180° turns or tight crisp snaps that leave a bubble trail simulating prey. Strong nose end buoyancy creates firm resistance to diving in choppy water and the tapered tail combined with Mustad KVD Triple Grip trebles increase hookup ratio.


  • Extra Wide Head For Increased Buoyancy
  • Tapered Tail Improves Hookup Ratio
  • HD Holographic Eyes
  • Ultra-High Definition Paint Finish
  • Weight Transfer System For Improved Casting Distance

Model Number Running Depth Weight Body Length Hook Size
E-DP94 Surface 1/2 oz 3-3/4" #4