Clam Rattlin' Blade Spoon

Brand: Clam
Pyrex glass rattle
• Movement within movement
• Stainless steel BBs
• Knife-like profile with frontal rhombic-triangle shape
• Glows in the dark
• Firetiger Bar pattern

The loud and noisy Pyrex® glass rattle of the Clam Pro Rattlin' Blade Spoon attracts fish from near and far. With its movement within movement, sniffing fish can see the stainless steel BBs rock back and forth triggering strikes. Stainless steel BBs are perfectly round and far superior to lead. This denser material produces more potential energy and louder rattles. Tested and proven knife-like profile with frontal rhombic-triangle shape flutters on its way down. It glows in the dark and has the trademarked Firetiger Bar pattern fish love. Per each.