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Nishine Chippawa RB Slow Float

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Chippawa RB, no weight transfer system, no rattles. Only one big molded weight    isfixed in the lowest position in the body.  No fancy looking but it has reason.  We focus how the Chippawa generates the best performance and believe that simplest structure is the best in this crankbait.  If the internal weight moves... The bait lose stability and it get little delay when it start to swim.  If the plastic body parts are too heavy... The bait lose quick movement.  If the body has weight transfer lane and more ribs... it may be caused in performance down in many case because plastic parts gets heavier.  I wanted to have maximum buoyancy more than complicated body structure.  Only minimum ribs, one big weight that’s all.  This is why Chippawa crankbait can be used stably.   

 - Product Specs -

Body Size: 2.4” ( 62 mm)  Weight : 0.53 oz (15 g)    Dive Depth: 5 ft (1.5-1.6 m)

Hook Size: #4  (Ichikawa KAMAKIRI TREBLE HOOK)

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