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Chaos tackle Custom X Fury

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The Custom X Fury Comes in two sizes 6.75" and 10". The Fury is a hand crafted  cedar lure that can be effectively casted or trolled. The three dimensional shape and heavy Lexon lip gives the Fury an aggressive swimming action with a side to side wander game fish find irresistible. Sealed, hand painted, and two coats of hand brushed epoxy makes all Custom X lures not only beautiful but also makes then extremely durable. The Fury 6.5" come standard with two 3/0 Premium Black Trident Treble Hooks  and the Fury 10" with three 6/0 Premium Black Trident Treble Hooks.



Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
6.5 2 $38.99
10 7 $99.99

White Tiger

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
10 1 $99.99


Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
10 2 $99.99