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Chaos Tackle Casting Rod

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Assault Stick casting rods have an amazing blend of power, castability, and durability at an affordable price. Whether it's a Shock & Awe that has taken over the big bait and soft plastic rod market by storm or the Surgical Strike for your smallest twitch baits and top waters you will find an Assault Stick to match your needs.  

IM8 blanks for light overall weight, sensitivity, and durability.

The Chaos Hybrid Action with a true to specs tip that loads and cast amazing to the stronger than rated butt section for shocking hook sets and total fish control.

Solid hardened stainless steel guides. No more cracked inserts.

Cork grips available in Full or Split grips on all models. 

Put all these Assault Stick features together and you get a Rod that has amazing durability, power, and castability not found in any other rod in it's price class. Assault Sticks are also stylish and a good looking rod.


Chaos Tackle Casting Rod

Size Model Action Sku Stock Price Quantity
8'6 Tactical Strike Heavy AS86TSSG 0 $319.99 Out of Stock
8’6 S.W.A.T X-Heavy AS86SWSG 0 $319.99 Out of Stock
8’6 Surgical Strike full grip Medium Heavy AS86SSFG 1 $319.99
8’6 S.W.A.T full grip X-Heavy AS86SWFG 0 $319.99 Out of Stock
8’6 Surgical Strike Medium Heavy AS86SSSG 1 $319.99
8’6 Tactical Strike full grip Heavy AS86TSFG 0 $319.99 Out of Stock
9’ Surgical Strike Medium Heavy AS811SSSG 0 $319.99 Out of Stock
9’ Surgical Strike full grip Medium Heavy AS811SSFG 0 $319.99 Out of Stock
8’11 Shock & Awe full grip XX-Heavy AS811SAFG 0 $319.99 Out of Stock
8’11 S.W.A.T full grip X-Heavy Spinning AS811SWFG 1 $319.99
8’11 Shock & Awe XX-Heavy AS811SASG 1 $319.99