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Big Game Bait Buttons

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Bait Buttons has come out with a new size Bait Button called," BIG GAME" 5-SERIES BAIT BUTTON. For all youthat are perplexed about the new regs. requiring barbless hooks here is your answer. Stack your shad or shrimp baits on your hook followed by a "Big Game" Bait Button and your baits will stay in place right where you want them. You can use up to a 10/0 hook if you desire. It is quick and easy. Also works great for other species such as Northern Pike, Walleye, Muskie, Catfish, Steelhead and more!   Bass Fishermen"BIG GAME" Bait Buttons can help hold those baits in place when you are "Flip-in" through that thick canopy of grass beds. And if you want to hold those large trailer hooks on your baits "BIG GAME" will hold them in place and the trailer won't slide over your Bait Button. Salt Water Fishermen can enjoy the "BIG GAME" Bait Button for holding your baits on for Salmon, Tuna, Halibut, and other species. As always Bait Buttons help improve your fishing experience. They are simple and easy to use. So now there are two sizes to choose from. So whether it is finesse fishing for bass, or steelhead and trout or going after sturgeon and salt water species Bait Buttons has you covered.

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