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Bait Pop Live Sonar Intensifier

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You don't have to have live sonar to use Bait-Pop; Bait-Pop will help all anglers whether fishing from the bank or trying to win tournaments. No matter what species you are fishing for, Bait-Pop works great for largemouth bass, smallmouth, crappie, walleye and all other species! Bait-Pop is not just for soft plastics. Bait-Pop works great on jerk baits, all hard baits, all soft plastics, all top water, and even live bait. Though the Bait-Pop tubes are small, they last a really long time. The pharmacist formulated paste is thick enough so it lasts a long time on your lure without washing off like a lot of other scents do while effectively dispersing in the water.

The Fish Formula scents have been proven with Samford University studies to attract fish. With 100% of every single fish of all species going directly to the Fish Formula scent. With these new formulations, we have a super clean no mess applicator to eliminate any mess plus these formulas won't ruin your carpet, so just simply wipe up Bait-Pop from your boat's carpet if you spill some.

These products are eco friendly. Using Bait-Pop will not harm the environment! We have made sure we used only biodegradable materials and food grade materials.



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Ice Out

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Pro Pack (Includes Gamefish, Crawfish, Blue)

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