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Bagley Brite Casting Spoon

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The BagleyBrite Casting Spoons are the best spoons available for the price.  Available in several sizes and in a choice of a hammered or mirrored finish.  These are genuinely forged spoons that creates a tapered edge and results in an aerodynamic design that allows for long casts and a perfect variable flutter in water.  Every Bagley spoon is finished with a genuine gold or silver plating that allows for high flash and great durability - vital in salt water conditions.  Each spoon is equipped with a high quality black nickel treble hook and a red attractor tag.  Forged in the USA.


Gold Hammered

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/2oz BBH-12G 6 $9.74
1/4oz BBH-14G 6 $9.74
3/4oz BBH-34G 5 $9.74

Silver Hammered

Size Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/2oz BBH-12S 4 $9.74
1/4oz BBH-14S 4 $9.74
3/4oz BBH-34S 4 $9.74