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Anglers Edge Mapping Cards


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Digital Maps
Our Digital Maps are, without a doubt, the most accurate and detailed maps commercially available to anglers of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario waterbodies. The same eye-catching colour palette featured on our print maps has been vectorizied allowing you to zoom in on the minute details; the features and structure that put fish in the boat. Dedicated surveys, intensive post-processing and a well thought out presentation have resulted in maps that are as intuitive as they are accurate. All of our Digital Map packages come on microSD cards with SD adapters and are compatible with all modern Lowrance sonar units, including:
  • HDS Button Models, Gen 1 & 2:
    • HDS-5, HDS-5m, HDS-7, HDS-7m, HDS-8, HDS8-m, HDS-10, HDS10-m
  • HDS Touch Models, Gen 2, 3, Carbon & Live:
    • HDS-7, HDS-9, HDS-12, HDS-16
  • Elite Models:
    • Elite-4 Chirp/HDI, Elite-5m, Elite-5 Chirp/HDI, Elite-5 TI, Elite-7 Chirp/HDI, Elite-7 TI & TI2, Elite-9 Chirp, Elite-9, Elite-9 TI & TI2, Elite-12 TI & TI2, + All "Ice Machine" versions
  • Hook Models:
    • Hook-4, Hook-5, Hook-7, Hook-9
  • Hook2 Models:
    • Hook2-5, Hook2-7, Hook2-9, Hook2-12