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Z-Man NedlockZ HD

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TT Lures NedlockZ HD Jigheads are equipped with extra-heavy duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks that allow for heavier tackle and drag settings than standard Finesse ShroomZ jigheads. Featuring a signature mushroom-shaped head preferred by finesse enthusiasts and innovative split keeper that easily rigs and holds both ElaZtech and conventional soft plastics securely in place, they're the next breakthrough tool in Z-Man's incredibly popular Ned Rig lineup. Just add your favorite ElaZtech finesse bait, and hang on!

5 per pack


Green Pumpkin

Weight Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/15oz TTNL-0740 38 $10.99
1/10oz TTNL-0742 18 $10.99
1/6oz TTNL-0744 75 $10.99
1/5oz TTNL-0746 129 $10.99


Weight Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/15oz TTNL-0741 18 $10.99
1/10oz TTNL-0743 0 $10.99 Out of Stock
1/6oz TTNL-0745 3 $10.99
1/5oz TTNL-0747 0 $10.99 Out of Stock


Weight Sku Stock Price Quantity
1/15oz TTNL-0748 8 $10.99
1/10oz TTNL-0749 0 $10.99 Out of Stock
1/6oz TTNL-0750 0 $10.99 Out of Stock
1/5oz TTNL-0751 0 $10.99 Out of Stock