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Strikemaster PRO Lithium 40v Lite Auger

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Updated and enhanced with a Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Unit and a powerful 6-amp battery, the StrikeMaster Pro Lithium 40V Lite Auger will make that hard water look like Swiss cheese in no time at all. This tough, durable electric ice auger does everything a gas drill does – except it won't smoke you out of your shelter, leak gas, blow out your eardrums, or start hard. At only 21 lbs., the StrikeMaster Lithium 40V Ice Auger is easy to transport, and the combination of its 15.9:1 planetary gear system, a full-length flighting made of proprietary synthetic resin, and twin serrated stainless steel Lazer blades deliver jaw-dropping torque and power. With 16" of ice, you can quickly drill 115 holes between charges with this 8" model. The StrikeMaster Pro Lithium 40V Lite Auger includes a 2-amp rapid-charging base; a full recharge takes only 3 hours. To start drilling, just push a button; features both forward and reverse modes, custom impact-absorbing handles, and ergonomic controls with deadman safety switch and LED lights. Manufacturer's 2-year warranty.

  • Updated with the Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Unit and 6-amp battery!
  • Tough, quiet, easy to transport
  • Weighs just 21 lbs.
  • Twin serrated stainless steel Lazer blades
  • Impressive torque and power at the push of a button
  • 8" model drills about 115 holes per charge
  • Includes 2-amp rapid-charging base
  • Both forward and reverse modes
  • Deadman safety switch and LED lights

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