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Damiki Abyss 90 Jerkbaits

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The Damiki Abyss 90 is a deadly jerkbait that quickly dives down to the 8-foot depth range and produces a tantalizing, tight wobbling action. It also suspends and balances perfectly on the pause, taunting bass to strike. Very effective in cold weather, it’s a great choice for early spring. Available in a range of realistic colors, the Damiki Abyss 90 takes rip bait fishing deeper.

Damiki Length Weight Depth Class
Abyss 90 3.5" 3/7oz 8ft Suspending


Sun Fish

Sku Stock Price Quantity
005A - Sun Fish 13 $15.29

Moss Back

Sku Stock Price Quantity
024A-Moss Back 14 $15.29

Black Shiner

Sku Stock Price Quantity
028A-Black Shiner 14 $15.29